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    Battery for Hp Spectre X360 13-W036TU Spectre X360 13-W034TU Spectre X360 13-W032TU Spectre x360 13-w031TU (p/n 859026-421 859356-855)

    • Type Li-Polymer
    • Voltage 11.55 V
    • Capacity 5000 mAh
    • Compatible part numbers: 859026-421, 859356-855, HSTNN-LB7L, SH03057XL
    • Compatible models of Hp: ENVY 13-AB063, ENVY 13-AB068, ENVY 13-AB073, ENVY 13-AB075
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    • Type Li-Polymer
    • Voltage 11.55 V
    • Capacity 5000 mAh
    • Color Black
    • Dimension 268.20 x 126.00 x 4.26 mm
    • Manufacture Cameron Sino
    • Certification ISO 9001, RoHS, CE
    • Brand New with One Year Warranty
    Compatible part numbers
    Compatible with following models of
    ENVY 13-AB063ENVY 13-AB068ENVY 13-AB073
    ENVY 13-AB075ENVY 13-AB078ENVY 13-AB079
    ENVY 13-AB081ENVY 13-AB082ENVY 13-AB084
    ENVY 13-AB086ENVY 13-AB088ENVY 13-AB089
    ENVY 13-AB091ENVY 13-AB093ENVY 13-AB095
    ENVY 13-AB096ENVY 13-AB097ENVY 13T-ab000 CTO
    Spectre 13-ac006nn x360Spectre 13-w025nd x360Spectre X360 13-AC000NB
    Spectre X360 13-AC000NCSpectre X360 13-AC000NFSpectre X360 13-AC000NJ
    Spectre X360 13-AC000NNSpectre X360 13-AC000NPSpectre X360 13-AC000NT
    Spectre X360 13-AC000NVSpectre X360 13-AC001NASpectre X360 13-AC001NC
    Spectre X360 13-AC001NESpectre X360 13-AC001NFSpectre x360 13-ac001ng
    Spectre X360 13-AC001NISpectre X360 13-AC001NLSpectre X360 13-AC001NT
    Spectre X360 13-AC001NXSpectre x360 13-ac001tuSpectre X360 13-AC002LA
    Spectre x360 13-ac002naSpectre X360 13-AC002NBSpectre X360 13-AC002NC
    Spectre X360 13-AC002NESpectre X360 13-AC002NKSpectre X360 13-AC002NO
    Spectre X360 13-AC002NPSpectre X360 13-AC002NSSpectre X360 13-AC002NX
    Spectre X360 13-AC003LASpectre X360 13-AC003NBSpectre X360 13-AC003NE
    Spectre X360 13-AC003NFSpectre x360 13-ac003ngSpectre X360 13-AC003NJ
    Spectre X360 13-AC003NKSpectre X360 13-AC003NOSpectre X360 13-AC003NS
    Spectre X360 13-AC003NXSpectre X360 13-AC003TUSpectre X360 13-AC004NC
    Spectre x360 13-ac004ngSpectre X360 13-AC004NLSpectre X360 13-AC004NO
    Spectre X360 13-AC004NTSpectre X360 13-AC005NFSpectre X360 13-AC005NN
    Spectre X360 13-AC005NTSpectre X360 13-AC006NFSpectre x360 13-ac006ng
    Spectre X360 13-AC006NNSpectre X360 13-AC006NTSpectre X360 13-AC006UR
    Spectre X360 13-AC007NOSpectre X360 13-AC008NFSpectre X360 13-AC008UR
    Spectre X360 13-AC009NFSpectre X360 13-AC010CASPECTRE X360 13-AC011TU
    SPECTRE X360 13-AC013TUSpectre X360 13-AC015NFSPECTRE X360 13-AC015TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC016NFSpectre X360 13-AC016TUSpectre X360 13-AC017NB
    Spectre X360 13-AC017TUSpectre X360 13-AC018TUSpectre X360 13-AC020CA
    Spectre X360 13-AC020NFSpectre X360 13-AC021TUSpectre X360 13-AC022TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC023DXSpectre X360 13-AC024NFSpectre X360 13-AC024TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC025NFSpectre X360 13-AC027TUSpectre X360 13-AC028TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC030CASpectre X360 13-AC030NFSpectre x360 13-ac031ng
    Spectre X360 13-AC031TUSpectre x360 13-ac032ngSpectre X360 13-AC033NF
    Spectre x360 13-ac033ngSpectre X360 13-AC034NFSpectre x360 13-ac034ng
    Spectre X360 13-AC034TUSpectre X360 13-AC035NFSpectre X360 13-AC036TU
    Spectre x360 13-ac037ngSpectre X360 13-AC038TUSpectre X360 13-AC040TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC041TUSpectre X360 13-AC042TUSpectre X360 13-AC044TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC046TUSpectre X360 13-AC048TUSpectre X360 13-AC049TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC050CASpectre X360 13-AC050TUSpectre X360 13-AC052NA
    Spectre X360 13-AC053TUSpectre X360 13-AC054TUSpectre X360 13-AC055TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC057TUSpectre X360 13-AC059TUSpectre X360 13-AC062TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC063TUSpectre X360 13-AC064TUSpectre X360 13-AC066TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC073TUSpectre X360 13-AC077TUSpectre X360 13-AC078TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC081TUSpectre X360 13-AC086TUSpectre X360 13-AC088TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC089TUSpectre X360 13-AC090TUSpectre X360 13-AC091TU
    Spectre X360 13-AC092MSSpectre X360 13T-AC000Spectre X360 13-W000NE
    Spectre X360 13-W000NFSpectre x360 13-w000ngSpectre X360 13-W000NK
    Spectre X360 13-W000NNSpectre X360 13-W000NPSpectre x360 13-w001la
    Spectre X360 13-W001NCSpectre X360 13-W001NFSpectre X360 13-W001NK
    Spectre X360 13-W001NNSpectre X360 13-W001NPSpectre X360 13-W001NX
    Spectre x360 13-w001tuSpectre X360 13-W002NFSpectre X360 13-W002NK
    Spectre X360 13-W002NOSpectre X360 13-W002NSSpectre X360 13-W002TU
    Spectre x360 13-w003laSpectre X360 13-W003NLSpectre X360 13-W003NO
    Spectre X360 13-W003NXSpectre X360 13-W003TUSpectre X360 13-W006NF
    Spectre X360 13-W007NFSpectre X360 13-W007TUSpectre X360 13-W008NF
    Spectre X360 13-W008TUSpectre X360 13-W009NFSpectre X360 13-W010CA
    Spectre X360 13-W010TUSpectre X360 13-W011TUSpectre X360 13-W012TU
    Spectre X360 13-W013NLSpectre X360 13-W015TUSpectre X360 13-W017TU
    Spectre X360 13-W019TUSpectre X360 13-W023TUSpectre X360 13-W025TU
    Spectre X360 13-W027TUSpectre X360 13-W028TUSpectre X360 13-W030CA
    Spectre x360 13-w031TUSpectre X360 13-W032TUSpectre X360 13-W034TU
    Spectre X360 13-W036TU
    Packing List
    • Battery for Hp Spectre X360 13-W036TU Spectre X360 13-W034TU Spectre X360 13-W032TU Spectre x360 13-w031TU (p/n 859026-421 859356-855)
    • Original packaging
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