We add tracking numbers to orders after receiving them from fulfillment company, all notifications send out automatically straight after adding. Buyer should receive name of shipping method and tracking number. Delivery can consist from 2 steps (in most of cases), for such delivery name of shipping method will be looked as [Initial Post Service] / [Local Post Service], for example Yun Express / USPS. Which means following: Initial Post Service is Yun Express and Local Post Service is USPS. Such 2 steps delivery is much faster than usual abroad delivery such as Registered Airmail.

Onwards we avoid so much text info and put all necessary data in table below, but please read notes at the end of page

Shipping Method

(in alphabetical order)
Initial Tracking Link

(links below will open carrier tracking site )
Example of Initial Tracking Number Local Tracking Link

(links below will open carrier tracking site )
Example of Local Tracking Number

(local tracking number equals initial tracking number or is provided by initial tracking link)
4PX 4PX 302728966241    
4PX / Royal Mail 4PX 302787035577 Royal Mail GV271581689GB
4PX / Yodel 4PX 302728966241 Yodel JJD0002219708825797
AU Post AU Post 019931265099999891U9A347062001000935001    
Canada Post Canada Post 1023038654400516    
DHL Ecommerce DHL Ecommerce CNCFBPD2006033965DS415


DHL Express DHL Express 6644159303    
Fedex Fedex 109643478008    
Hermes Hermes 8580275247782287    
Royal Mail Royal Mail GV487851319GB    
SF Express SF Express SF6042184752371    
USPS USPS 9400111699000916967145    
Yanwen Express Yanwen Express UF391781191YP    
Yanwen Express / AU Post Yanwen Express UF355255989YP AU Post 019931265099999891U9A347062001000935001
Yanwen Express / Fastway (Aramex) Yanwen Express UF391781191YP Fastway (Aramex) BN5105669230
Yanwen Express / Royal Mail Yanwen Express UF338238124YP Royal Mail GV487851319GB
Yodel Yodel JJD0002219708825797    
Yun Express Yun Express YT2019321266008354    
Yun Express / AU Post Yun Express YT2018421266111611 AU Post WJY732485201000930802
Yun Express / Canada Post Yun Express YT2021021266009811 Canada Post 1023038654400516
Yun Express / Fastway (Aramex) Yun Express YT2019521266042821 Fastway (Aramex) BN5104610317
Yun Express / Royal Mail Yun Express YT2024621266012398 Royal Mail PN405703744GB
Yun Express / USPS Yun Express YT2019321266008354 USPS 9274890277431320945727

Important notes

  • Buyer can track their packages using one of tracking aggregators services (in most of cases), such as 17Track, Trackingmore and others.
  • Initial Post Service tracking will be available straight and all process of delivery, but Local Post Tracking can be different (via other local mail tracking number) and available up to 4-8 days later and will be refreshed only after arrival to destination country
  • Initial Post Service can change carrier for Local Post Service (rare cases), in this situation - buyer should recognize tracking number using our table upper and use the tracking website of the respective carrier (for local tracking)
  • AU Post does not scan some inbound Initial Post Service tracking (for example DHL Ecommerce) and does not provide local tracking for them.