Dear customers!

As you should have noticed, recently there have been massive delays in shipping orders from our store. We apologize for this situation and want to explain in detail what its cause is.

Our suppliers, as well as delivery services, are located in China, where the last few weeks, as you should know from the news, a deadly coronavirus infection has been spreading. More than 1,000 people have died by this time. More on the spread of coronavirus.

The Chinese government has been making serious efforts all this time to stop the spread of the disease. According to its recommendation, most of the enterprises remained closed after the end of the Chinese New Year celebration until this time.

Our suppliers did not fully resume their service on February 3rd, as we initially expected. Most employees work remotely from home. Throughout the previous week we have been in touch with them. Based on our negotiations with them, it was expected that our warehouse would resume its work in full on February 10th and all delayed orders would be shipped within 2-3 days.

However, until February 10th, the situation with the spread of the virus did not fundamentally improved. Some enterprises in China have already opened, but most, including our warehouses and delivery services, have not resumed their work at this moment. More details.

In this regard, we temporarily suspended sales at our store until the full resumption of our suppliers. Shipping of orders already placed on our store is still delayed. According to our forecasts, the normal operation of warehouses and dispatch services will be restored on or until February 17-24th. We will try our best to send orders to our customers as soon as possible.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to wait for a shipment, then we are ready to return your payment and cancel the order. In this case, contact our support and provide the order number that you would like to cancel.

We apologize for the situation. We hope to restore the normal operation of the store in the nearest future.